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Administrative, Financial Affairs & Information System

Financial Affairs Department

  • Preparing the Ministry budget draft for the expenditures and revenues, as per the decrees and circulars issued by the Ministry of Finance for every fiscal year. 
  • Issuing the monthly and quarterly advance statements and preparing the closing account of the Ministry
  • Preparing and completing the formalities for the Ministry's tenders for machines, equipments, vehicles, etc.
  • Following up the implementation of decrees and circulars issued by the Ministry of Finance, the Central Tenders Committee and other competent authorities.

This department consists of the following controls:

Accounts and Budget Control

  • Preparing the Ministry's budget draft for the expenditures of chapter two, three and five and revenues (chapter seven) for each fiscal year. 
  • Receiving the requirements of the different affairs and departments in the Ministry and implementing the budget rules, as per the instructions issued by the Ministry of Finance 
  • Preparing the 
  • Accounting books and records keeping, concerned with the reconciliation accounts and feeding the computer with all the data.

It consists of the following divisions :

  • Budget Division 
  • Accounting Division 
  • Auditing and Internal Control Division

Procurements and Warehousing Control

  • Receiving disbursement applications, including the requirements of the various affairs and departments of the Ministry, such as furniture, appliances, stationary, etc. 
  • Confirming the presence of financial provisions and their commitment prior to providing such needs.
  • Preparing materials disbursement form and issuing the same to the requesting authority in the different affairs and departments of the Ministry and controlling the movement of stock materials. 
  • Keeping receivables records on the level of the Ministry programs and following up the Ministry of Finance instructions in this respect.

It consists of the following divisions :

  • Procurements Division 
  • Warehousing Division 
  • Tenders Division

Disbursement and Supply Control

  • Preparing supply forms and collecting them by the cashier division 
  • Issuing disbursement permits and cheques and handing them over to the beneficiaries 
  • Transferring salaries of the Ministry personnel to the various banks. 
  • Disbursement of payment requests abroad and following them up with the Central Bank.

It consists of the following divisions :

  • Disbursement and supply division 
  • Cashier division

Administrating Development and Training Control

This Control performs the following tasks :

  • Preparing organizational studies and development of employment structures
  • Performing researches concerned with the methods and ways of work and simplifying formalities 
  • Assessment and identification of the training requirements, preparing and implementing qualification and training plans and programs. 
  • Implementing job classification and arrangement systems. 
  • Assessment and registration of all the related data and establishing administrative data basses. 
  • Performing administrative researches and following up the results of studies related to administrative development and training. 
  • Performing consultancy studies and offering technical assistance. 
  • Development the appropriate systems for the assessment of personnel performance and analyzing their results. 
  • Cooperating with the Civil Service Commission in all matters concerned with administrative development.

This Control practices the following detailed activities :

job organization and description

  • Performing studies related to all organizational aspects
  • Working continuously to develop administrative and job structures
  • Preparing an index for the introduction, cancellation or merger of administrative units 
  • Assessment, arrangement and classification of jobs in groups in sub-categories
  • Classification of jobs and preparation of job description cards 
  • Issuing the organizational guide of the government authority.

Service methods and development

  • Performing studies related to working methods and ways 
  • Preparing studies on simplification of formalities and flowcharts 
  • Organizing data, files and office systems and establishing data bases 
  • Issuing the procedures manual


  • Performing studies related to the identification of qualification and training programs
  • laying down general and detailed plans for qualification, training and re-training 
  • Preparing transformational, technical and administrative training programs drafts.
  • Following up trainees and preparing periodical reports on them continuously 
  • Assessment and identification of training requirements and potentials.