Economic Affairs

Kuwait and the World

The Economic Affairs Program's Role in Promoting the International Status of the State of Kuwait

The Economic Affairs Program works to promote the international status of the State of Kuwait and reinforce its role in regional and international organizations and authorities related to the oil field, such as the OPEC, OAPEC, Gulf Cooperation Council and the United Nations organizations in the petroleum and energy fields, through effective participation in the ministerial meetings and conferences of the OPEC, the OPEC secretariat work committees and the GCC, and adopting stances appropriate with the interests of oil producing countries in general and the State of Kuwait in particular, as follows:

First : the OPEC Organization:

  • Preparation for the meetings of the economic committees and the ministerial conferences of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  • Contributing in preparing and formulating the OPEC long term strategy
  • Participating in the meetings held by the OPEC, including:
    • Energy convention workshop between the European Union and the Organization
    • Meetings for determining the production quotas of the OPEC countries
    • Petroleum industry investment workshop
    • OPEC annual questionnaire meetings
    • OPEC and non OPEC experts meetings
    • Producers and consumers meetings
    • Coordination meetings on the method of dealing with the Kyoto Protocol

Second : the OAPEC Organization:

  • Preparation and effective participation in the Organization's ministerial board meetings.
  • Preparation and participation in the meetings of the executive office
  • Participation in the work teams meetings to consider the possibilities of cooperating in the natural gas investment field
  • Participating in the coordination meetings of environment experts in the member states.
  • Participating in the meetings of the GCC training centers senior officials

Third : Gulf Cooperation Council:

  • Preparation and participation in the meetings of the GCC ministerial committee for petroleum cooperation and meetings of the GCC committee of petroleum ministries undersecretaries
  • Participating in laying down and formulating GCC petroleum strategy
  • Following up the GCC energy strategic studies and research center
  • Following up the developments for preparing the joint oil pipeline study
  • Participating in the marketing managers meetings

Fourth : International organizations and authorities:

  • coordination and preparation for the World Trade Organization ministerial meetings
  • participating in the session meetings of the authorities emanating from the United Nations Framework Agreement on Climatic change
  • participating in the conferences of climatic change agreement parities
  • participating in the workshop for the diversification of economic resources of developing countries affected by climatic change, Tehran.

Fifth : Bilateral International Relations:

  • Preparing studies and reports on promoting fields of petroleum cooperation between the State of Kuwait and other countries.