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About Kuwait

About Kuwait


Kuwait lies on the northern tip of the Arabian Gulf, which is bounded to the east, bordered on the south and south-west Saudi Arabia, on the north and north-western Republic of Iraq. For the nine islands Kuwait: Failaka, Bubiyan, Miskan ,warba , Auhha , Umm Al-Maradim, or umm Al-Namel,Kubbar and Qaruh. And the most famous of these islands is the island of Failaka because of its historic old place.


Islam is the main religion of the State of Kuwait, giving complete freedom of other religions practice requirement not to prejudice the Islamic religion.


17,818 square kilometers

Kuwait climate:

A long hot summer and dry, running from April to October, with temperatures ranging between 28 and 50 degrees Celsius(C), the coldest winter months when the short period from December to February, when the temperature ranging from 8 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Administrative divisions: the State of Kuwait is divided into six districts around the capital, Farwaniya, Al-Ahmadi and Mubarak Al-Kabir and Jahra.


Kuwait has a population of about 3,328,136 people, approximately 2007, of whom 1,038,598 Mutnin and the rest of the arrivals and foreigners. And the proportion of population growth is 6.5% and the rate of high levels globally

The emergence of Kuwait:

Extends the importance of the Arab Gulf and Kuwait in terms of history or in terms of international relations and global trade in particular, to ancient times immemorial. The current territory of the State of Kuwait within the territory of the Arab Kinda Central during the period from the third to fifth century AD.
And has demonstrated the archaeological, which began actively Danish mission on the island of Failaka in 1958, and found the effects of, a historic ancient civilization in Kuwait, because the current territory of the State relating to the west of the island's Arab, which is an integral part, as well as a Part of the sea coast of the Arabian Gulf and linked by history, old and closely linked to central island and its people and the Arab Gulf region

Kuwait in the eyes of the Historians:

The historians and that Alexander the Macedonian (greater), and the ruling Fatah great Greek, when he invaded East countries to discover the navigational route between the mouth of the Indus River Oct Arabs across the Gulf in 326 BC. M stayed with some recruited in Failaka. Found on the island in stone «Icarus» recorded by the Greek writings many other side effects, the historical evidence confirm the emergence of an ancient civilization lived in Kuwait ancient civilizations of the Middle

As one mentioned that the land of Kuwait has witnessed days of war between Harith bin Amr bin Hajer Al-Kandy, King Almnadhirp Warner bin sky Allkhmi water, which was defeated at the Harith Island ferry in the era of ignorance.

Also saw the shores of the Gulf's first at the dawn of Islam among the Persians and Muslims during the succession of Abu Bakr Siddiq year 12 AH 633 m in Kazma (with chains), known to be in Kuwait.

At the end of the nineteenth century to the end of tenth century AD, atheist entered the Kuwait with a large part of the Arabian Peninsula within the State of Alaqramtp strong threatened the Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad. After the erosion of state, which he described a number of historians b «first socialist country in history», created place, a group of UAE local tribal status, and continued to the end of the fifteenth century AD. The port on the coast of Kuwait Kazma lead in that period, the marine gate posts for the Eastern Arabian Peninsula.

It has been shown the housing Kuwait when some families regard the occasion of the morning and other families of immigrants with those belonging to the tribe and other goat, who first built the stone houses Fired on Kuwait at the beginning of the name is «partner», a name that appeared in European maps and two centuries of the eighteenth and nineteenth, and then turning to the name «Kuwait».

The word Kuwait is the miniaturization of the word Kut, and the first one to build Kut is Barak Amir Bani Khalid, in the latest year for the use of Hagry 1110 in the development of goods and luggage. Al Sabah was among the first to have migrated to Kuwait with a group of families and other Regime...

Kuwaitis chose since the declaration of independence democracy and Shura basis for judging. After a few months of the Declaration of the Independence Act No. 1 of 1962 the establishment of the Constituent Assembly to prepare a Constitution shows the system of governance based on democratic principles.

The elections were held on January 6, 1962, winning membership of twenty members of the Constituent Assembly, they, along with a tenth and power ministers are
nomads and fishermen.

Executive drafting of a constitution, the State of Kuwait. The first written constitution in the region was approved in November 11, 1962.
It includes five sections of the Constitution Article 183 of the State address and the system of governance, the basic components of the Kuwaiti society, rights and duties, authorities and the general provisions and temporary

The three authorities in Kuwait are:

First - the legislature and embodied in the National Assembly elected by direct and secret election council is composed of fifty members.
II - the executive, with the presidency by the emir. The Ministry of fifteen ministers in addition to the prime minister.
III - handled by the judiciary and the courts pronounce the name of the Emir of the country. A judicial system in 1959 before independence and before the birth of the Constitution. And an independent judiciary in Kuwait does not interfere in its affairs. The judiciary system consists of three degrees, the first of the ordinary courts, the Court of Appeal and Court of discrimination. There are the Constitutional Court to rule on the constitutionality of laws.

The State of Kuwait

is located between latitudes 28.45 d 30.05 d and north of the equator and longitude and 46.30 d 48.30 d east.

Area 17.818 sq km
Population 3,328,136
Independence June 19, 1961 and celebrated on February 25
Currency Kuwaiti dinar (K.D)
GNP 107.500.000.000 $
Time Zone UTC +3
Internet code kw
International telephone code +965
State of Kuwait

of Oil Tender

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Finance Department

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