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Petroleum Culture

Petroleum culture

Petroleum culture: its creation - its definition - its mission - the mechanism of its dissemination Kuwait Petroleum Strategy

After the establishment of the Ministry of Oil during the reign of the late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, where he issued an Amiri decree in April 1975 according to which the Ministry of Oil was separated from the Ministry of Finance. After that, a strategy was developed that defines the nature of the ministry's work which the tenth aim of the strategy was to educate society and raise the level of oil culture, as mentioned: (Contributing to holding seminars and conferences specialized in oil and energy and establishing a center for oil information and working to spread culture and awareness of the oil industry within the country and support research work) And through the tenth goal, secondary goals were drawn that clarify the methods that the ministry pursues in achieving it, which are:

  • Contributing to holding seminars and conferences specialized in oil and energy.
  • Establishing an oil information center.
  • Spreading culture and awareness of the oil industry
  • Supporting research regarding the oil industry
  • Educating the community about the developments of the oil industry in the country by building strong relationships with the local media.
  • Issuing publications that serve this goal.
  • Highlighting the role that the Ministry plays in the field of providing and exchanging oil information with all government agencies and private institutions to benefit from them in developing specialized plans and programs by using appropriate media methods.
  • Creating a positive image in people’s mind of the Ministry and its role in the Kuwaiti society through proper professional dealing with the various media
  • Permanent presence in public, national and social events to highlight the Ministry's keenness to interact with the various Kuwaiti activities.

Definition of petroleum culture

Petroleum culture is defined as (all available information about oil wealth, which includes production, distribution, consumption, global trade, prices, oil needs and their distribution, oil industry, technologies used in production, marketing and consumption. Also information related to investments of oil production or in exploiting the surplus effects of the possession of oil wealth, the current challenges faced by producers and exporters, in addition to information related to the future of oil and its industry, and the role which plays in moving the wheel of economic and social progress). It appears from the definition that petroleum culture is a broad field that includes all information related to oil, and everything related to its technical and economic aspects.

Petroleum Culture and the Ministry of Oil Message

Preserving the oil wealth, exploiting it and developing it according to the best means and in a way that ensures the development of the state's resources, increasing its national income, securing the safety of workers and the environment and facilities, in accordance with the provisions of the Amiri Decree issued on August 12, 1986. From this standpoint, the Ministry of Oil has pursued major goals in order to be able to achieve its mission without prejudice to any of the regulations or laws that regulate the drilling and exploration process in conjunction with production and export operations and to preserve this wealth for future generations. Kuwait, as an oil country, naturally cares about everything related to oil, which is considered a national economic nerve and the main source that secures 90% of the national income in addition to being a reason for Kuwait to occupy its prominent position in the global system. Also the important place that it earns internationally in both political and economic areas and its acquisition of international weight, both politically and economically, despite its small area. Whereas the Ministry of Oil is the government agency is responsible for supervising and controlling the affairs of these wealth and its exploitation and development, the ministry decided to set a clear strategy through which it defines the methods of work that seek to achieve the objectives of the ministry, one of which was devoted to spreading petroleum culture and petroleum awareness by using specialized media methods which are supervised by the Public Relations Department recently developed by the Ministry, to leave a clear imprint through a number of achievements which some of them are: Creating a website for the ministry (www.moo.gov.kw), publishing an electronic quarterly magazine. Entitled (oil) and publishing a number of books, the most important of which was (Oil Documents), (The History of Gas Stations in the State of Kuwait) (The State of Kuwait and OPEC in 50 Years) (The International Energy Forum) (Pictures and Oil Documents) (Kuwait Oil Facts and Figures). (Pictures from Kuwait's oil history). The most important oil achievements in the era of the late Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may God rest his soul, the issuance of a number of brochures, the most important of which are the history of the oil industry in Kuwait and our collective responsibilities, the Ministry of Oil website, the petroleum culture brochure and the brochure of the story of the land of gold and color with mister professor. Also an oil film that tells the story of Kuwait oil and how Kuwaiti life has developed after its extraction, the building construction movie, the 50 years anniversary of the founding of OPEC and the Vietnam refinery and future prospects. In addition, the Ministry participates in several exhibitions organized by the official authorities in the country. The Petroleum Culture Committee was also formed to communicate and hold educational lectures with of society with the aim of spreading oil awareness, in addition to establishing a website for the Petroleum Culture Committee, which documents all the activities carried out by the Committee, www.petroleumculture.com)).

The mechanism of work to spread the petroleum culture

Given the importance role of the media, the studies presented a set of practical suggestions to work on filling these needs and deficiencies, taking into consideration the need for a higher administrative organization as an advisory organism represented by the Ministry of Information and several institutions such as the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) and major newspapers. In addition to Kuwait University, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Oil and other authorities that are directly related to the media in general specially the oil media. The Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Oil is spreading the petroleum culture through, its coordination with several media and educational organizations Kuwait represented by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in addition to many government agencies. Also Seminars and lectures that were only limited to the secondary stage are one of the mechanisms followed in dealing Directly with the Kuwaiti community. In 2015 special materials were created for both school levels elementary and middle schools. In 2016 materials related to renewable energy were created for all school levels (elementary, (middle) and secondary (high school), in implementation of the vision of the late Amir of the country Sheikh / Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may God rest his soul by securing 15% of energy demand using various types of renewable energies. Also using media campaigns, broadcasting press releases and printing leaflets explaining the nature of the oil industry in Kuwait. All this with the aim of investing human cadres by creating a conscious generation of Kuwaiti youth of both genders to enable them to lead this industry in the promising future. As the investment of human resources is at the top of the priorities of developed societies.

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Finance Department

Ministry of Oil Announcement of Tender Tender No. 1/22021-2022

The Ministry of Oil announces the launch of the following tender Maintenance of servers for virtual servers USB Blade Servers and the Dell Tape library" This is in accordance with the general and specific conditions and specifications contained in the tender documents mentioned above. The tender documents can be obtained from the Ministry of Oil - Third Floor - Financial Affairs Department - Fund Department during official working hours starting from Sunday 16/1/2022 AD, for an amount of 75 d. K. (Seventy-five Kuwaiti Dinars) is not refundable, and the deadline for submitting bids is on Thursday, 27/1/2022 AD at 2:00 pm, in the Practices Fund of the Ministry of Oil. Bids are valid for a period of 90 days from the date of opening bid envelopes. The initial guarantee for this bid is 2% and it should be valid for the duration of the bid’s validity, bearing in mind that the bid is indivisible.

The Ministry of Oil announces the launch of a general practice

The Ministry of Oil announces the launch of a general practice (license renewal and technical support for the PALOALTO FIREWALL program) For inquiries, please visit the Ministry building - the oil sector complex - the third floor - the fund department

The Ministry of Oil announces the launch of a general practice

The Ministry of Oil announces the launch of a general practice (license renewal and technical support for the CORTEX-XDR program) For inquiries, please visit the Ministry building - the oil sector complex - the third floor - the fund department

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